Schools – Brandishing the broom in the name of Change

You will be proud to know, people of Dar es Salaam, that it is our Students who are raising their brooms in urgent response to our call for cleaner and healthier communities. We have been positively overwhelmed by the all the interest and action taking place within our schools.

First out, were students from 15 schools within the Mlalakua River area who participated in a 4 -part program on awareness and action. Having discussed and understood the implications of litter and general mismanagement of waste, the students were tasked to brainstorm activities geared towards community involvement.  These activities included the creation of anti litter posters, recycling initiatives, and the composition of songs.  The final module took the form of a presentation of their chosen activity to a packed out school assembly. 

Thanks to the skillful facilitation by our team of volunteers, the Nipe Fagio Youth Ambassadors, the program went down a storm – with several requests from both students and teachers for more of the same! We would like to acknowledge and thank the teachers and students of the following schools for their participation and support: Mlimani Primary, Kawe B Primary, Changanyikeni Primary, Mirambo Primary, Lugalo Primary, Makongo Secondary, Tumaini Primary, Kawe A Primary, Ukwanmani Secondary, Ukwamani Primary, Mikocheni Primary, Ushindi Primary and Mwenge Primary

Other schools also got in on the act…

HOPAC : represented by Mikey Kasamias  teamed up with our Youth Ambassadors for a presentation at Jangwani School on 4 March.  They went a step further and  followed up with a school led  community cleanup.

DIA wanted to learn more about recycling initiatives and how they could contribute. So we teamed up with a representative from The Recycler for a joint presentation on waste management and recycling options in Dar. 
Another group of DIA students studying cleanup activities, joined the Msasani Valentine Cleanup committee for an insight on how to organize large scale cleanup events.

IST Elementary invited us to participate in their Environment Week in early February.  We got an opportunity to organize the Recycle Relay in support of their recycling initiative, recently set up on campus.

IST Secondary asked us to join the conversation with their students on a marine conservation program in Kigamboni. They wanted to hear more about how we plan to make Dar a cleaner city through collaboration and advocacy.

We are looking forward to hearing more about some of the exciting student projects in the making!

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