Mlalakua River

Mlalakua River is filthy.  It is a scurge on the environment and a health risk to those in its vicinity, as well as being a huge impact in the sea.

Coca Cola, together with Water Futures has initiated a study and subsequest clean up of the Mlalakua River.

Mlalakua River Clean up is one of the projects, under the Dar es Salaam Rivers and Streams management program, that was initiated by the steering committee and chaired by the National Environmental Management Council, NEMC.

A Situational Analysis study was made by a consultant from Ardhi University to study the extent of pollution in the river, sources of pollution and land use trends over the past 10 years. Parallel to this study, Water Futures also conducted a series of stakeholder consultation and facilitated community action planning, where each of the four identified communities, defined their roles and responsibilities in the clean up project.

The project not only got support of the local communities, but also the committment of the businesses and the Army to go into action once the clean up process is initiated.

For more information about the project, please consult NEMC:


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