Keeping the Coast Clear - International Coastal Cleanup Day

If you were to take a stroll along Coco Beach, you would most likely encounter the following items; diapers, syringes, bottle tops and an assortment of plastic packaging and bags.

This is according to findings of a community cleanup, which took place on Saturday, 19 September 2015, at Coco Beach on the occasion of International Coastal Cleanup Day. The event, which was organised by Nipe Fagio and supported by the US Embassy, is part of a global initiative and is the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean up beaches and waterways around the globe.

207 volunteers gathered on Coco Beach to collect, sort and record information about the kind of trash being washed up on our City’s most iconic and beautiful beach. Over 146 bags of trash, weighing in at a total of 1,387kg, were collected within a 2 hour period on a mere 782m stretch of beach.


Sorters counting the trash collected for the international global trash count

Coco Beach is a popular recreational space supporting a diverse range of community groups and activities. These include jogging clubs, surfing groups, the Upanga sundowner community and many large-scale social events. As the City’s most valuable playground, Coco Beach deserves a little more respect. Having a zero tolerance on dumping and more attention given to establishing a bins and garbage collection service would be a great start.


The local government Chairman of Oysterbay, Mr. Zephrin Lubuva, welcomed us. He joined us in collecting his own bag of trash and praised our initiative, giving his full support for all future community initiatives like this one.

Chairman of Oysterbay, Mr. Zephrin Lubuva, joining in the efforts of the community

Clean-ups, alone, will not solve the problem, but they pave the way for much needed community dialogue on the nature and scope of our trash problem and what we can do about it. If you would like to join the Coco Beach Action Group, in support of protecting Coco Beach, please contact Jackie on the Facebook group: Nipe Fagio Clean Up Community.

Nipe Fagio would like to thank the many volunteers who supported the event. We would also like to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by the following organisations, groups and individuals: The US Embassy (main sponsor), Coca Cola (drinks, sound, music), G4 Security (keeping us safe), Knight Support Paramedics Unit (keeping us healthy), The Recycler (managing the recycling), the SaFISHa team (sorting & counting), Erasto Njevika (MC), Sibtain Hashan (photographer), Shahid Ansari (videographer / photographer) and our invaluable Nipe Fagio Ambasssadors, without which, these events would not be possible.

Many thanks.

Hoping to see many more of the Oysterbay and Msasani residents out on the beach on the first of many Coco Beach Monthly Cleanups, on the second Saturday of each month, starting 10 Oct, 8am to 10am.

See you on the beach!


Statistics of the trash found during the cleanup:

The following statistics are derived from a sampling of 10 random bags from the total 146 bags collected.

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