Youth Ambassadors at work on the Mlalakua River Restoration Project

There is a good chance, if you happen to live in Mlalakua neighborhood, that you would have met our enthusiastic team of Youth Ambassadors. Having recently graduated from University, this committed group of volunteers is systematically moving through selected zones within the area, raising awareness about the Mlalakua River Restoration Project.

In the past two months they have identified several community groups including religious groups, Bajaji, BodaBoda and taxi driver associations, women’s groups, football clubs and Vikoba groups.

Eliwaza and Noel talking about waste with a community group


The objective of the Nipe Fagio Youth Ambassador Program is to develop good relationships within the various community groups and to discuss the benefits of improved attitudes and practice towards waste management.  Typically they will address issues such as illegal dumping and burning and the impact that this has on the environment and community health. In addition to these meetings, the Youth Ambassadors have recently established a monthly cleanup program, which is attracting some good support.

But it’s not all plain sailing. In spite of the support and the general willingness to adopt new and improved habits, there are several logistical and practical challenges to overcome. These include the lack of effective waste collection services, the lack of law enforcement and proper infrastructure to support this change.

Carlos Mdemu explains the Mlalkua River Restoration project


Nipe Fagio is working closely with several project partners on this GIZ lead initiative. For more information on the Mlalakua River Restoration Project see

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