World Oceans Day 2016

Nipe Fagio Team

On Sunday, 12 June, about 100 people came together on Coco Beach to celebrate World Oceans Day. Nipe Fagio invited the drama group Dar Creators to showcase in small acts and songs how every beach user has an impact on the ocean.

World Oceans Day is an annual event celebrated on the 8th June. The celebration started to take off in 2002 by the Ocean Project and was recognized by the United Nations in 2008. Since then people and organizations having educational events, cleanups, photo sessions, etc. every year to raise awareness on the pollution of our oceans and to regain our personal connection to the sea.
On Sunday, Dar Creators entertained the beach users with music and short scenes showcasing the problems of waste and pollution of the area.
One scene, for example, contained four people going to the beach consuming drinks and food, but where to put the trash afterwards as there are no public bins? In another scene we saw a young couple strolling along the beach on a weekend and when nature called the girl, she couldn’t find any toilet and the romantic day ended in misery.


Dar Creator’s performing drama scenes about pollution

After the scenes the audience had a chance to express their impressions and give possible solutions to the showcased problems. Nipe Fagio and Dar Creators together guided the audience and discussed their ideas. The two biggest concerns were:
1. There are no public toilets on Coco Beach. The only ones are at the restaurant and not many people know about it, so they go to the bushes.
2. There are no dustbins. So where to put our waste? They requested the municipality to provide big dustbins and collect the waste on a regular basis.

Audience sharing ideas

Nipe Fagio displayed pictures and statements about the beauty and the pollution of the oceans and the impact the waste has on us humans. We received great interest and experienced lively discussions at our tent.

Educating in pollution of oceans

We also promoted two campaigns during the event and we encourage everybody to participate in these ongoing campaigns:

- #SelfiefortheSea: 20 people showed their commitment towards the ocean, wrote a statement and took their picture with it. Check it out on our facebook page. Write a promise for the ocean and post it with #SelfiefortheSea
- The Better Bag Challenge: 26 people signed up to take part in the campaign refusing to use disposable bags. Every signature counts to show the politics we have enough of plastic bags! Better Bag Challenge
Coco Beach Action Group, a group supported by Nipe Fagio, is working towards a clean and safe beach with waste collection and public toilets. See their progress on facebook Coco Beach Action Group

Thank you to everybody participating in this event showing their commitment for clean and healthy oceans!

Photos taken by Erastus Kamau

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