What next

Dr Robert, Director of Enforcement and Compliance, NEMC has expressed outrage over the hospital drain, and has vowed to take the lead in ensuring that the current practice be stopped and an appropriate solution found.

The Kivukoni residents have formed a steering committee, to mobilize the community through sport and entertainment activities. They have also engaged a group of Mzee Custodians to reinforce these community initiatives.

Public meetings will take place on a monthly basis beginning on 3 March 2013.

Roots & Shoots have offered training support for 10 Cell leaders to ensure that information to the community is accurate and consistent with good environmental practice

Green Waste Pro, the company contracted to manage the garbage collection in the area have agreed to co-ordinate the compliance of an Adopt a Bin program, ensuring that that each household makes provision of at least 1 waste bin. Mandatory garbage collection is on a weekly basis at a cost of Tsh 15 000 per month.

The Ilala Municipality have undertaken to implement a statutory policy on litter. Anyone caught littering will be liable for a Tsh 50 000 fine or put to service cleaning recreational and public areas. The enforcement of this policy is expected to come into effect soon.

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