We Can Change Our World Organization

Whilst in Cape Town I also met with the remarkable Cheryl Harper, founder of We Can Change Our World -  (WCCOW)

WeCanChangeOurWorld is an online social network in the sustainable social transformation space in South Africa. Their objectives are to enable all brands, organisations and practitioners to congregate to createtangible intellectual assets, to share key learnings, ideas and best practice in this vibrant and essential sector for our country's growth and sustainability for all its people.

Once again I was delighted and encouraged to see yet another organization which mirrors what Nipe Fagio is all about, and being 2 years old, WCCOW, can be a ‘big sister’ to help guide us with tried and tested ideas and initiatives.  

Cheryl was hugely enthusiastic about Nipe Fagio and invited us to link both our websites for information sharing.


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