Voice Giving takes on Mwenge Bus Terminal

They are young, hip and making things happen.  Apart from providing shelter, support and education to disadvantaged women, members of this amazing group of organized youth can be found sweeping daily at the Mwenge Bus Terminal. Dressed in trendy T-shirts which read “Taka Noma”, they arrive every morning ready to sweep and deliver their message that it’s “Cool to Clean.”  Inspired by their commitment, the local vendors soon supported this initiative offering to watch over the empty bins during the night. It was not long before the vendors joined the action often completing the work before the Voice Givers arrived.  The success of their campaign has resulted in a community commitment to keeping the terminal clean.  Now all dala dalas (passing through Mwenge) have been issued mandatory rubbish bins for passenger use.  Any passenger or pedestrian caught littering face a non-negotiable fine issued by the Voice Givers with full support of the local authority and most importantly, the community themselves.


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