The Recycler

The Recycler, Tanzania’s first large scale, professional recycling services and waste management company has recently opened its doors and is ready for business!

The Recycler’s main focus is currently on-site waste management, which means managing the waste of large companies and assisting them to recycle. This usually entails putting a trained staff member on a large site to sort the recyclable material from non-recyclables. The company then collects the recyclables for processing and sale within local and international markets; and finally, issues a report on the whole process.

Another part of the business involves setting up recyclable drop-off locations across the cities so that residents can drop off their sorted recyclables at their convenience. These collection points include the following sites in Dar:

Wonder Workshop in Msasani
IST Elementary Campus in Upanga (for students and parents)
IST Secondary Campus in Masaki (for students and parents)
Nabaki Africa in Mikocheni (awaiting approval)

These materials will be collected at the above locations:
• Plastic Bottles
• Glass (sorted by colour - green, clear, dark)
• Aluminium/Tin Cans
• White Paper
• Cardboard

But the company also recycles a variety of other materials including
• Hard Plastic – such as
• Clear Nylon or plastic wrap
• PolyProp Bags
• Wood
• Scrap Metal
• Waste Oil

Anyone wanting to drop off recyclables other than the first five, should check out the website below for relevant information on the types of materials being collected at the various locations.

The really good news is, that The Recycler also hopes to start collecting: E-waste, plastic shopping bags, newspaper, magazines and other non-white paper. Large-scale processing of a variety of recyclable materials is scheduled for the coming year once the company has acquired a processing facility.

For more information on this exciting new initiative, check out their website,

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