The Amalesa Market

By Sanya Hunsucker

During the past year, the U.S. Embassy Green Team has introduced the Amalesa Market, which consists of locally grown fruit, vegetables and homemade produce. All produce is sold at competitive prices by outside vendors and several Embassy employees at the embassy’s compound. The idea of the market is to save employees some time and energy traveling from place-to-place shopping for food.  This concept also saves on fuel and emissions, as it is a good “one stop shop” for a variety of items that can be bought on Fridays before leaving work.  The name “Amelesa” was created by one of our local staff  - it combines the words “American” and the acronym “LESA”, after an employee association.

Having established a “no plastic” policy at the market, The Green Team set about trying to promote the use of reusable cloth bags. We soon spotted the need for readily available cloth bags and placed an order featuring The Green Team’s logo.  We encourage everyone to use these and other reusable bags when shopping around town; and to decline plastic bags whenever possible.

The U.S. Embassy Green Team would like to encourage all diplomatic missions and private businesses to develop their own green teams in order to address environmental issues.

Friday morning shopping at Amalesa



Sanya Hunsucker and Amalesa vendors


Carlos Mdemu explains the Mlalkua River Restoration project


Eliwaza and Noel talking about waste with a community group

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