Sustain Our Africa Summit

I have just returned from attending the Sustain our Africa (SOA) Summit in Cape Town, (the first of its kind in Africa) and am bursting 

with excitement and inspiration from soaking up the energy and information that was packed into the 3 amazing days.  42 speakers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines rolled out bit sized 15 minute presentations, which  were so tasty, and packed full of nourishment, that I was still hungry for more even after such a huge feast! 

Nipe Fagio is all about networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing .  Attending Summits like these allows us to identify golden innovations that work and connect them to our initiative.  These open doorways to new possibilities forrebuilding our world.  We have the greatest opportunity for change reaching across the entire world, than any other generation in history.    I love to coin title of one fascinating lecture given by inspired thinker and doer -  Jason Drew – “From industrial revolution to sustainability revolution – The business of fixing our future”.  And indeed, there is business to be made, Jason sure has made a pretty dollar or 2 from his enterprises!
I think that just about sums up the Summit for me, and we now look forward to connecting Nipe Fagio to some of these speakers and innovators to see what we can copy and paste into TZ and leap frog our transition to a clean, healthy and safe environment to live and play in.
Sustain our Africa’s motto is Enough. For All. Forever.   Isn’t that really what we all want?
I invite you to check out their site




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