Sea View Clean Up - Launch Event Proposal

Who we are
Nipe Fagio is a Tanzanian based public advocacy organization, focused on increasing awareness, as well as facilitating and promoting sustainable development initiatives in Tanzania. The organization’s fundamental mission is to serve as a connector for people, groups and organizations to get things done, a forum for debate & discussion, and a sounding board for community issues that require involvement for change.

Nipe Fagio, which means, "Give me the Broom" in Kiswahili, is an urgent call to all residents of Dar es Salaam, to pick up their brooms and to join us in sweeping the city clean. We believe that the success of our vision of a clean and safe city lies in the heart and will of every resident who is prepared to take action.

Launch Event & Clean Up
The launch of our first community cleanup will take place on Sunday 3rd Feb between 7 and 9am on the beach opposite the Aga Khan hospital,  Ocean Road.  Later in the afternoon, between 3.30 and 6pm will be a fun Beach Extravaganza. The event, which will be managed by Trinity Promotions, is aimed at;  creating an awareness of the impact of waste on our environment; claiming back our recreational spaces and fostering a good community spirit.

A Pre-launch Activities
1) “I am the Change” Artists Workshops High School musicians, artists and drama students will collaborate to create an artistic representation of the impact of waste on our environment and communities at workshops held at the Russian Culture Centre on 19 and 26 January 2013. The end products will include a very large portable canvas, a Nipe Fagio song performed by well-respected artists including Banana Zorro, as well as an interactive theatrical performance.
Partners: Roots & Shoots, WASTEdar, Matrix, and Youth of Sea View, DJPA, Southern Sun, Russian Culture Centre, Goldstar, Mandugu Digital, Trinity Promotions

2) Landscaping "Green" sections of the beach to be tidied and resilient trees to be planted in an attempt to create shade and to make the beach more attractive and user friendly as a recreational space.
Partners: Shamba landscapes, community of Sea View

3) Rubbish Bins
Installation of fixed bins for collection of waste.  We shall looking for corporate sponsor bins to line Ocean Road.  Green Waste Pro, the private Waste Mgt Company for the Kivikoni area, will be installing bins in the City Centre, every 100m.

4) Demarcated Parking
Will be arranged with TPS and our Nipe Fagio Team.

5) Jogging/Walking Track
The establishment of a recreational circuit for cyclists, walkers and joggers

6) Benches
The creation and placement of aesthetically pleasing benches, crafted by artists using recycled materials   We shall be looking for sponsors for these.

7) Marketing the launch:
i.  Media and Publicity Campaign
Radio Interviews with Nipe Fagio spokesman and other community stakeholders.
A press conference, planned for 31st January as well as a follow up public relations campaign to ensure the event and its partners are exposed to as many stakeholders as possible.
ii.  Generic “Haba na haba”  billboards.  Highlighting our core belief - each one of us can make a difference.
iii. Website writeup and newsletter send.
Partners: Trinity Promotions, Southern Sun, DJPA, Continental, A1 and Gold Star

8) Placard Advertising during Peak Traffic:
The Youth of Sea View will collaborate with professional artists at the “I am the Change” Workshops to create large placards advertising both the event and the cause. These placards will be held up during rush hour traffic along Ocean Road, a few days before the event.
Partners: Youth of Sea View, Matrix, DIY, Nabaki Afrika

9) Public Address
To secure the services of a mobile public address unit to promote the event within the neighborhood.

Partners: Ad Riders

B. Launch Activities
Morning Beach Cleanup 7.00 – 9:00am:

1) An opportunity for the Residents and general public to show solidarity and commitment to a cleaner and greener City – Organized by  Roots and Shoots & assisted by Green Waste Pro

Nipe Fagio Launch 3:30 - 6pm

1) Nipe Fagio song: collaboration between the youth of Sea View, Banana Zorro, Sauda Simba and Friends.

2) Art Installations:  A field of 100 Painted Brooms, Eco Awareness Placards made by kids using recycled materials, Printed Awareness posters.

3) Theatrical performance by Sea View Youth and Matrix.

4) Sports Activities   i) Beach Games & Dance for kids and adults
   ii) Display by Tanzania Lifesaving Society

5) The event will be MC’ed by Evans Bukuku.

6) Media attendance

7) Security will also be present

8) Crime scene signage and cordon of toxic area by DJPA

Partners:  Trinity Productions, Evans Bukuku, Southern Sun, DIY, Roots and Shoots, Gold Star, Imaging Smart, Nabaki Afrika, DJPA, Colour Print

C. Post launch Activities

1) Waste management
Ongoing participation in community based solutions towards more efficient, organized and disciplined approach to waste collection and removal
Municipal and Government solutions to establish policy, compliance and enforcement

2) Security
Establishment of an integrated security scheme which includes collaborative efforts between police, private security agents, mtaa  leaders, and community neighborhood watch.

3) Beach Sports Club
Establishment of a facility or program that allows residents to participate in sports activities on the beach - these could include a walkers group, a jogging club, a life saving initiative, a volley ball league, etc.
Partners: Possibilities include Gymkhana Club and Sea View residents

4) Artists Beach Bench competition
An initiative to promote recycled art for public use and enjoyment (ie practical and aesthetic application)
Partners: Possibilities include Russian Culture Centre, Mwazo Art Gallery, Alliance Francais and Roots and Shoots

5) Monthly community beach cleanups
Updates to the above actions and ongoing facilitation of sustainable solutions.

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