Sea Sense -Treading Water

Tanzania’s most respected marine conservation organization is urgently appealing for assistance with bridging finance.

Most Nipe Fagio friends and supporters will already know Sea Sense.  For those of you that don’t, Sea Sense is a Tanzanian NGO focusing on the conservation and protection of Tanzania’s most iconic marine wildlife including sea turtles, dugongs and whale sharks. 

These species are under threat in Tanzania, largely as a result of entanglement in fishing nets and poaching for their meat.  The huge amount of plastic debris that floats around our oceans and washes up on our beaches, also poses a major threat to their survival. 

Turtles in particular are very susceptible to ingestion of plastics which cause an obstruction of the gut and a slow, painful death.  Tiny sea turtle hatchlings, emerging from their nest for the first time often become trapped under plastic waste on beaches.  Sadly, they will fail to make their instinctive dash to the ocean and end up as food for birds and crabs instead. Needless to say, the Sea Sense waste management education programmes in coastal communities are critical for the ongoing survival of these species. 

Sea Sense has put out an urgent fund raising appeal to help them to continue their work.  Please help by donating here now.  Every donation helps, no matter how big or small.

There are only 5 days left to donate so click on the link today!

To find out more about Sea Sense visit or send an email to

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