Saving Coco Beach

Oct 2015. Meet Audax and William.

Audax works as a freelance photographer and William has a business renting tubes to people who can’t swim. Both men work at Coco Beach and rely on a weekly influx of visitors to the beach in order to earn a living. 

As more and more people migrate from rural villages into the City, our beaches and public spaces play an increasingly important role in sustaining the emotional, psychological and physical health of our people.  And if that sounds far fetched, consider for a moment the insidious rise of high density settlements and apartment blocks.  At some point we all need to feel the earth under our feet, fresh air on our skin and the simple joy of being outside. This is when we head to the beach or our local park.

Sadly, our parks and beaches are under continual threat of neglect or greed. But more than ever before, we are noticing the call for support and protection of these hallowed spaces. So back to Audax and William. Let us imagine them at Coco Beach on a typical Sunday afternoon. In your mind’s eye it would be hard to deny the the iconic beauty of the place. Turquoise waters, a white stretch of beach lined with slanting coconut palms.  Looking closer you see life as it should be. Busy and cheerfully noisy. Hear it, see it, smell it. Soak up the vibe.

And with this image clear in your mind, can you spot the public bins… The loos… or life savers? Possibly not. So what happens in the absence of these facilities on very busy days? If you can’t guess you’ll need to ask Audax, William or any of the 15 vendors working with Coco Beach Action Group whose primary objective is to create a clean and safe environment for all to admire and enjoy.

Anyone can support this initiative by joining the monthly cleanups which take place on the last Saturday of every month between 8 and 10 am.  Bring hats, water and good humour. For more information on this community project please contact

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