Restoration of the Mlalakua River

The Mlalakua River, North of the City, has long been a dumping ground for industrial effluent and residential waste and sewerage so that it is no longer capable of performing basic ecological functions. Aside from the tragic state of such large scale environmental degradation, the polluted river poses serious health and economic risks to the communities situated along its banks. Finally, the plastic waste dumped into the river contributes to the rise in litter we find strewn on our beaches, potentially affecting tourism and recreation of the City´s residents.

GIZ are steering a multi-stakeholder partnership to address the challenge of restoring the River to its natural functions. The overall goal of this project is to restore the Mlalakua River to a healthy status and prevent further pollution on a sustained basis. This will be achieved by establishing systems to ensure the sustainable management of waste and by actively cleaning up the river. The project will be further supported by community based education programs and enforcement policies.
Current stake holders include: Nipe Fagio, the National Environment Management Council (NEMC), the Kinondoni Municipality, BORDA, the Wami Ruvu Basin Water Office, GIZ, Coca Cola and Nabaki Afrika
Mobilizing collective action and supporting formal and informal institutional change of the community, businesses and public bodies are at the heart of this project.



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