Reflecting on International Coastal Cleanup Day 2016 events

In September, the Nipe Fagio team and supporters got down to work at two beach cleanups in Msasani Beach and on Coco Beach for International Coastal Cleanup day.

Reflecting on the day, it was amazing to see people from all walks of life, young and old, big and small, taking to the beaches to make a difference. At Coco Beach, the goal was to clean a 782 metre stretch of beach usually strewn with waste. 

2 hours later, the ambition was fulfilled and everyone went home with a well-earned sense of achievement, the clock having barely struck 10am! This year 240 people joined, together collecting 1,848kg of trash - not bad for two hours of sweat.


Using a sampling of 5 bags from various points on the beach, the Nipe Fagio sorting team categorised and counted each piece of trash, weighing and logging the contents and reporting these states to the global Ocean Conservancy Group.  Among the most collected items were plastic food wrappers, plastic bags, plastic bottle caps and cardboard, as well as thousands of tiny pieces of foam.  Apart from being unsightly, most of these items are also harmful to fish, turtles & dolphins, that mistake them for food, get sick, or die from suffocation.

Here are the results of the trash makeup in full:

Supported by businesses and other local partners, the two beach cleanups showed that everyone can get involved and be the change! Thank you to The Oyster Bay Suites, Aurecon, Coca Cola, Knight Support, DJPA, Coco Beach Daima Usafi and Mukti & Dazz Jazz.

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