Pass on the Broom

Sept 2015. With thanks to the sponsorship support of the SATZ community (South Africa Tanzania) and further donations from Msasani and Tandale communities, we have been able to implement the “Pass on the Broom!”  project. This is an extension of Nipe Fagio’s Youth Ambassador Programme aimed at training Tanzanian youth on communication, presentation and leadership skills; and to raise awareness concerning waste management in their communities.

Our Youth Ambassadors (YA’s) are a mix of graduates from universities and secondary schools in and around Dar es Salaam. So far we have trained a total of eight YA’s from two different communities namely; Makongo and Msasani. (phase 1). We are currently training four more YAs from Mikocheni B and Tandale respectively. (phase 2)

Youth Ambassador training

Having developed comprehensive action plans for the period of March 2016 through to August 2016, the Makongo and Msasani teams are already serving as environmental ambassadors for their communities. Nipe Fagio has provided each group with a set of awareness raising and clean-up materials and continues to offer support and guidance where possible. Both teams are looking for patrons or people of influence in their subwards for financial and moral support.

Makongo Youth Ambassadors Action Plan:
  Monthly Community Clean-up and Door-to-Door Awareness

Msasani Youth Ambassadors Action Plan:
  Monthly school and community visits for awareness raising.

  Monthly Community clean-up

We look forward to seeing our Youth Ambassadors from Mikocheni and Tandale progress through their training and keeping you posted on their progress.

Beach clean up managed by Msasani Youth Ambassadors


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