Moving Towards Behaviour Change: Government Progress

As part of Nipe Fagio’s ongoing work to engage with the Government of Tanzania, representatives from Nipe Fagio and Borda recently met Ruth Lugwisa, Head of Compliance and Enforcement at the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) - pictured right. 

At the meeting with Minister for the Environment Hon. January Makamba at the end of last year, the minister encouraged the formation of a regular roundtable meeting between the Ministry for the Environment, NEMC, representatives from the five Dar municipalities and environmental NGOs to discuss solutions to the city’s environmental challenges. As such, this initial meeting with Mrs Lugwisa helped to lay the foundations for the establishment of this platform for different sectors to collaborate. Successful behaviour change - and making waste socially unacceptable - involves not only awareness raising but enforcement - so the cooperation of NEMC is critical in achieving NF’s goals and we very much welcome this initial progress.

In other news from the Government of Tanzania, Hon. January Makamba has announced that from March 2, 2017, there will be no import, manufacture, sales or consumption of alcohol contained in plastic sachets in Tanzania. This bold move has upset businessmen and some consumers, but is aimed to curb excess drinking by young people, among whom the cheap plastic sachets are very popular. We expect to hear more on the plastic bag ban (including a launch date - but don't let that stop you cutting down on plastic bag use in the meantime!) and moves to tackle dynamite fishing soon, so watch this space for more government-related news.

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