Moshi to Dar Waste Walk!

On the 7th of September 2015, a group of international volunteers arrived in Dar es Salaam having walked over 500km from Moshi collecting waste. The aim of their walk was to raise awareness of waste management problems and to incentivise Tanzanians to adopt more preferable strategies for the disposal of waste. During their 5-week-long journey they visited different schools and organisation to boost environmental awareness and educate local people about responsible waste collection.

Upon arriving in Dar, waste collected was disposed of responsibly, while the waste truck which supported the group throughout their walk travelled back to Moshi stopping to pick up waste which had since been collected. Nipe Fagio was there to greet the team and a final meeting was held between local people and the waste walkers in an attempt to forge relationships between those who can continue making a difference for long into the future. Dar es Salaam is the 12th dirtiest city in the world, inspiring new initiatives will be vital if we are to clean up this beautiful country!

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