Marking Progress in the Mlalakua River Project

Nipe Fagio has been part of a collaborative project with both public and private sector partners, and our main technical partner, BORDA since 2014, to tackle the dire state of the Mlalakua River area in northern Dar es Salaam, where dumping of raw sewage and solid waste was previously commonplace. The final phase of the project ended with two great successes: the opening of BORDA’S new Fecal Sludge Processing Facility in the area, and capacity building and equipping local workers to improve latrines and ensure they can easily and safely be emptied and discharged into the new facility; and announcement of winner of the 5 sub-wards’ ‘Cleanest Mtaa’ competition to Mikocheni B Subward, whose prize was the construction of a beautiful park and children’s playground on the site of a previous toxic illegal dump in the area.

Some of the latest achievements are:


An awareness campaign was carried out with local leaders and environmental committees on improving latrine pit structures, advising against disposal of solid waste in latrine pits and using authorised service providers to empty pits.
As part of the river area restoration, a ‘cleanest neighbourhood competition’ was carried out, awarding new community facilities to the area with the most change. Mikocheni B won the prize, and a playground has since been constructed on a former site of solid waste dumping and harmful waste burning.

The huge progress made to date in transforming the Mlalakua River area is cause for real celebration and reflection on a collaborative effort to make whole neighbourhoods cleaner and safer. The comprehensive efforts to date are ensuring that good practices can be sustained into the future and local communities have the resources and knowledge to manage their own waste responsibly. Congratulations to all involved!

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