Letter to the Editor - March 2015

Dear Nipe Fagio Team!

Today was brilliant!
We had 50 people for our second cleanup at Msasani Beach
We filled 34 very full viroba bags which were collected by Tarima.
We picked up 76 syringes.
Most of those who turned out were the local community.
The Bondeni Running Club are catching the fire and cleaning up their street tomorrow morning! :)
We had the mwenyekiti and his environment members all turn up too.
All in all it was super!

Then after a shower and heading out for breakfast I saw loads of journalists and commotion at the new storm drains- so we stopped to find out what was going on. It was being visited by the new DC of Kinondoni, Mr Paul Makonda.
He is appalled by all the trash lying around but was thrilled to hear about the beach clean up and the ripple effect it's having.

Mr Makonda said he would like to support in any way he can and believes that  Msasani Beach  is a good place to start the process of  inspiring communities across Kinondoni.

One step at a time!!
Tupo pamoja


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