Kondo Village & Ras Kilomoni Become the Change!

Nipe Fagio, Kondo Village and Ras Kilomoni residents swept into action during the month of October to promote a cleaner, healthier and safer community.

The Last Saturday of the Month community clean up, on Saturday 29 October, was the culmination of a month-long community sensitisation programme involving 2 local schools, local government leaders, a church and mosque and community groups including the Beach Cleaners Group and the football team. 

It brought together community-conscious neighbours, the newly sensitized stakeholders and activists from Nipe Fagio - a non-profit community-based initiative run by passionate volunteers and a youth ambassador team, who call on all Dar residents to join in keeping their city clean.  Nipe Fagio was invited and sponsored by Ras Kilomoni residents to conduct awareness raising work in their area.

The programme aimed not only to clean up the immediate community areas and beach, but to empower and activate local residents to take personal responsibility and ‘be the change’.  For 3 years, Kondo Village’s Beach Cleaners Group – a self-initiated group of 15 passionate local members – had led the charge by organising themselves in order to clean and maintain a section of beach near the Ledger Hotel, Bahari Beach. This passionate team are eager to learn more and build their capacity to spread the messages of best waste practices not just on ‘their beach’ but also within their village and wider community, and so requested Nipe Fagio’s further support. 


Through this collaborative effort, a number of awareness raising events were carried out, including an ‘Awareness Bazaar’ at Kondo Catholic Church on 23 October.  Nipe Fagio has therefore ‘passed on the broom’ to Ras Kilomoni and Kondo Villagers, who will be assisted by the now strengthened Beach Cleaner Group as the Community Change Agents and Environmental Ambassadors. To help with these efforts, local residents Zoe & Roy also donated their wall space, and Andrew - a graffiti artist from Heights - teamed up with Ally, a sign-writer, to produce this fun and informative graffiti message to accompany local efforts.


Existing leaders and change agents harnessed the already strong community spirit in the Ras Kilomoni area – where neighbours often come together to solve community issues like water support, security and best environmental practices – on Saturday, during the morning of positivity and learning. After seeing (and clearing up!) littering and dumping in the area, it is hoped that residents will now be inspired to change their behaviour and hold themselves and neighbours to  account in keeping the area clean.

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