Keeping up with the neighbours – The Cleanest Mtaa Project

Jan 2016. There’s nothing quite like a little competitive spirit to spark a flurry of activity and to ensure that you are indeed keeping up with the neighbours! The main idea behind this initiative is to use competition, combined with providing skills and awareness, in order to drive behaviour change for cleaner communities.

Raising awareness with a womens group

Communities, through their local governments, need first apply to compete in the program. The incentive or “prize” is a renovated public space within their community, something which is severely lacking in Dar es Salaam. Once selected participating communities agree the winning criteria and a panel of judges. The competiton is then ready to start and runs for a period of 9 to 12 month.

Distributing educational material

The project is a Nipe Fagio /Borda collaboration and is one of several initiatives born out of the Mlalakua River Restoration Project. Both organizations work together to showcase solutions for waste problems through local government capacity development and education. The awareness campaign focuses on three target groups: the community as the main producer of waste, the service provider as the waste collector and the local government authorities as responsible party. The campaign promotes improvement and coordination of solid waste management such as Reduction of waste by re-using and recycling resources, warning about health effects of open burning, dumping and burying and encouragement of payment for waste services. These messages will be further supported by radio and other popular media channels.     

The organizers hope that once communities become empowered and see the impacts first hand, they will remain committed to keeping their neighbourhoods clean and will inspire other communities to do the same.


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