It's Showtime!

Jan 2016. Ever hear of Forum Theatre?  No, nor had we until we met Dar Creators. This group of talented performers use theatre as a medium to teach people how to change their world.

Their expertise lies in creating theatrical pieces which reflect specific social challenges and then through the process of audience participation they are able to initiate and facilitate a dialogue about potential solutions.

And so we challenged Dar Creators with a brief on the taka taka problem! Within a few weeks, after some intense research, they responded with a series of very entertaining and engaging scenarios about dumping, illegal burning and the use of plastic bags. The performances drew large crowds of up to 300 people each and the shows lasted for several hours with increasing involvement from the audience.

Nipe Fagio would like to thank ICLEI – Africa for their generosity and support, without which, these shows would not have been possible.


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