International Coastal Cleanup on 17 Sept

Community picks 1.8 tons of trash, before breakfast!

Saturday morning, 17 September 2016, Coco Beach

Msasani, Dar es Salaam

People from all walks of life, young and old, big and small, took to the beach to make a difference. Wearing gloves and kiroba in hand, they were all armed and ready to each tackle their own portion of the shore.  The ambition:  to clean a 782 metre stretch of beach usually strewn with waste. 
2 hours later, the ambition was fulfilled and everyone went home with a well-earned sense of achievement, the clock having barely struck 10am!

For the early birds, Barbara from Mukti lead a yoga session, cleansing body, spirit and mind before going on to tackle the beach.  Sun salutations complete, Dazz Jazz took over, creating a festive vibe and supporting the event with live music - ensuring the community was cleaning with a swing of their hips.

The International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC), organised by Nipe Fagio, was carried out all over the world this past week.  The 31st year since inception, and Tanzania’s third year of participation. 
This year 240 people joined, together collecting 1,848kg of trash - not bad for two hours of sweat!

Using a sampling of 5 bags from various points on the beach, the Nipe Fagio sorting team categorised and counted each piece of trash, weighing and logging the contents.  Among the most collected items were plastic food wrappers, plastic bags, plastic bottle caps and cardboard, as well as thousands of tiny pieces of foam.  Apart from being unsightly, most of these items are also harmful to fish, turtles & dolphins, that mistake them for food, get sick, or die from suffocation.

The event was made possible by two local businesses. Nipe Fagio’s and the communities’ thanks go to The Oyster Bay Suites and Aurecon for their helpful sponsorship.

We also thank Coca Cola who supported with their mobile stage, and by supplying everyone with drinking water.  Knight Support for security and emergency ambulance on standby (including the friendly guards who joined in filling bags). DJPA for design and marketing.  The group Coco Beach Daima Usafi for continuously cleaning the stretch of beach close to their shops.  Mukti & Dazz Jazz for making the event so much more vibrant.

Nipe Fagio is always looking for active volunteers to help with its programs and events like this one.  If you can and want to assist, sign up on the website 
Nipe Fagio’s motto “Be the change!” should be a mantra to us all to take daily responsibility for keeping our own areas clean which can eventually lead to trash-free beaches.

This Saturday, 24 September, from 8 to 10am, Nipe Fagio will be organising another cleanup on the opposite side of the bay at Msasani Beach.  Counting the trash here and adding to the total data is important to get a full picture of the state of the beaches in Dar es Salaam.

Photos credit: Andrew Perkin


With many thanks to our event supporters!

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