#HapaUsafiTu CONTINUES... on the last Saturday of each month !


Dar es Salaam - Following Tanzania’s enthusiastic response to President Magafuli’s call to clean on Independence Day, the Vice President was quick to seize the momentum by announcing a monthly clean-up day to be held on the last Saturday of every month. Nipe Fagio, an independent advocacy group working towards increased awareness on waste management, received the news as a critical step in engaging individuals, communities and organisations on the the subject of waste and its ever increasing impact on public health, environment and national dignity.


"We welcome the Vice President’s announcement on monthly cleanups as a positive move for increased citizen engagement” said Tania Hamilton, Director of Nipe Fagio.  “But clean-ups alone will not solve the problem, we need urgent government support, most notably in the areas of infrastructure and policy enforcement, in order to affect real change.”

The Independence Day clean-ups which later manifested in smouldering fires and piles of rubbish awaiting delayed collections exposed some of the critical gaps in the Country’s approach to waste management. These include a lack of access to waste collection services, inaccessibility to the dump, as well as a lack of general awareness about waste. “Identifying these challenges is an important step in establishing potential avenues for both public and private stakeholders.” explained Hamilton.

Working in collaboration with several community groups, Nipe Fagio released the following information regarding community cleanups which took place last month.

Makongo - 30 People attended the clean-up, collecting 25 full bags of waste
Mikocheni - 33 people collected 30 bags
Mbuyuni - 22 people collected 17 bags
Changanyikeni - 15 people collected 17 bags
Mzimuni - 60 people collected 15 bags
Msasani - 45 people collected 19 bags
Coco Beach - Coco Beach Action Group recorded a total of 33 participants filling 23 bags
Kinondoni - along Kawawa road near Morocco - Shop owners and other mobilized groups were seen cleaning the streets and neighbourhood

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