Follow in our footstep

By Maya Siag

The Green Steps Foundation, recently established by Bora Industries, is a Tanzanian environmental organization, which aims to raise environmental awareness by encouraging eco-friendly practices through recycling and art.
Green Steps collects and buys rubber flip flops found mainly on the beaches and dump sites in and around Dar es Salaam. Through the collection of discarded flip flops, the organization contributes to cleaning our city and beaches and provides an income opportunity for marginalized people.
Once the Flip Flops have been collected and cleaned, they are passed on to highly skilled artisans who use them to create beautiful Tanzanian inspired arts and crafts.

Over 3000 flip flops have already been recycled since the organization started in August. Proceeds of the sales are being used to sustain the Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School, for children with visual impairment.

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