Flip Flop project Raffle Winners Announced

It was a great event on Sunday 9th June with a fantastic turnout !

It was the culmination of many World Environment Week events by Nipe Fagio and it's partners.  A good day was had by all.

We carried out the Raffle ticket draw and are happy to announce the winners drawn as:


We announced that Nipe Fagio raised a whopping TSH 7,090,000 for the Flip Flop project on Mafia Island !!!

TSH 5,780,000 from the raffle sales and TSH1,310,000 from film viewings of the movie TRASHED.  

A great achievement.


This money, added to that already raised, brings the total very close to the 10 million mark and sets the Flip Flop project in motion!  Many thanks to all who particiated - those that gave so generously to the raffle and those that came to see the film.

Come to Mafia and see the project in action!  More on http://www.seasense.org

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