BORDA’s Sanitation Bazaar

By Joyce Zablon and Larissa Duma

‘We lack information on how to manage our waste. It is true, we don’t like living in a dirty environment, but what can we do? Truly, an event like this [sanitation exhibition] will help us to change... we now have knowledge on what WE can do!’ quote from two community members from two different sub-wards during the event

Currently, many areas in the city of Dar es salaam are plagued with poor sanitation infrastructure, a lack of sanitation services and a lack of general awareness on solutions. In order to help improve the situation on the ground, BORDA’s new iSEE (integrated Sanitation and Environmental Education) training centre developed a sanitation exhibition designed to help create mass awareness on environmental sanitation for community members. This mobile exhibition is designed to engage community members, parents and children, local leaders and other stakeholders in the pressing environmental sanitation issues and solutions for their communities. Through giving clear and realistic situations matched with potential solutions, attendees can walk away feeling empowered to take on a greater role in how they can improve their own situation at home and in their communities.

This exhibition was specifically designed to create increased community awareness on environmental sanitation challenges for the Mlalakua River Restoration Project and thus far has been implemented in three of the five project sub-wards reaching almost 1,000 people! Mlalakua, Changanyikeni, and Mbuyuni sub-wards have each

hosted three-day long sanitation exhibitions in September and October of this year. Mbuyuni had an outstanding turnout with over 50% of the citizens participating and registering for the event!

In order to increase local ownership and understanding, the Sanitation Exhibition engages local community leaders and youth ambassadors from Nipe Fagio, partnered with some BORDA expert staff, to facilitate the exhibition and educate the community on the challenges and solutions for improved sanitation. Key topics covered in the exhibition include general awareness on hygiene & environmental sanitation, solid waste management, wastewater, faecal sludge, and greywater management.

Two common themes arising from the exhibitions were a strong community demand for both solid and liquid waste services, including latrine-emptying services. Currently, some communities lack solid waste collection services entirely and as a result community members rely on burning, burying or dumping their waste illegally. For liquid waste management, there was very strong community demand for access to professional faecal sludge management or better known as latrine emptying services. Presently, many houses in unplanned areas cannot be reached by conventional vacuum trucks and this poses a serious challenge to house owners when toilets fill up. Specially designed latrine emptying services for unplanned areas could significantly improve this situation and is being established for these communities shortly.

World Toilet cup! It was not only funny but also lesson on the proper use of toilet

World Toilet cup! It was not only funny but also lesson on the proper use of toilet

They queue. All need to practice steps for proper hand washing with soap

Some of the facilitation team in Changanyikeni sub-ward.

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