Beach Extravaganza, Sunday 3 Feb, 3.30 - 6.00pm

After short introductory speeches by co-founders, Said Said and Tania Hamilton, who described Nipe Fagio as a platform for citizen engagement, the stage gave way to a series of colourful and entertaining performances.


First up, were, Banana Zorro, Sauda Simba and a group of student musicians with a live rendition of Nipe Fagio! If you missed this, you missed out! This vibrant and catchy tune will be rollicking across the airwaves soon. Click here VIDEO


Then came a flurry of crazy acrobats, bopping clowns, comedians and mime artists. But the message was serious. There is no Planet B. We must act now!
Amidst these sobering thoughts, revelers left the party with something to celebrate - an opportunity to grab a broom, join the sweep and be part of The Change

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